almost every club in Berlin and played support shows for Boy & Bear and The Pineapple Thief. OSTA LOVE belief in the album as an artform and like to combine ...
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Osta Love unite Rock with Jazz, Pop with Baroque, catchy hooks with complex rhythms and add just the right dose of melancholic dreamscape to form a unique sound that touches hearts and heads. Tobias Geberth - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards Leon Ackermann - Drums, Background Vocals Marcel Sollorz - Keyboards, Vocals Oliver Nickel - Bass, Background Vocals

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BIOGRAPHY Osta Love was formed by Tobias Geberth and Leon Ackermann as a studio project, after they left their hometown Heidelberg for Berlin in 2010. The two had met in school and had been playing music together since 2006. Soon the first songs were written, recorded and also performed with a live band. In 2013 they released their debut album Good Morning Dystopia that earned them some attention and many favourable reviews. The line-up was completed when Oliver Nickel joined on bass and Marcel Sollorz on keys and vocals. Over the years Osta Love played live in almost every club in Berlin and played support shows for Boy & Bear and The Pineapple Thief. OSTA LOVE belief in the album as an artform and like to combine memorable songs with musical ambition and complexity, to form a cohesive listening experience that works on an emotional and on a cerebral level. CONTACT Tobias Geberth - [email protected] +491736750534

THE ISLE OF DOGS Release: 11/27/2015 Label: RecordJet CD CD/DVD 5.1 Surround Special Edition Download After the dark concept-album Good Morning Dystopia the new record goes in different directions. The accessible and song-oriented compositions merge a wide range of influences to form a musical journey on rivers and oceans, through green hills and dark nights to the fictitious Isle of Dogs. The album closes with a sixteen-minute opus about a writer with writer's block. The Isle of Dogs is the first Osta Love album to feature new band members Marcel Sollorz on keys and vocals and Oliver Nickel on bass.

REVIEWS PRINT "zunächst verwundert, dann erstaunt, schließlich verzückt [...] Die Zeit ist reif die Welt des Prog Rock zu erobern." - Good Times 06/2015 "bravouröse Gratwanderung zwischen Eingängigkeit und Mysterium" - Eclipsed 12/2015 "Akustisches Schatzkästchen" - Rocks Doppelpunkt 06/15 SCHALL. 02/2015

ONLINE "The Isle of Dogs is a grand album that bests the band’s debut […] Ultimately, it feels like home." - The Prog Mind "EVERY prog fan should give this beauty a spin" - itdjents "Für die letzten verbliebenen Connaisseurs […] unwahrscheinlich eigenständig" - "Der Sound von Osta Love is […] Ja, was ist er eigentlich? Auf jeden Fall irgendwie Arthouse." - Testmania "Eigenwillig und innovativ und doch zugänglich ... Im Vergleich zum ohnehin starken Debüt nochmals eine Steigerung" - Babyblaue Seiten "Eine Seltenheit. Philosophisticated Rock." - Ragazzi "Fazit: Gelungen!" -

GOOD MORNING DYSTOPIA Release: 05/13/2015 CD Download Good Morning Dystopia is a fifty minute concept album about urban life, surveillance, alienation and escapism in the third millennium. The music uses every possibility of progressive rock: Thematic riffs and complex rhythms, melancholic vocals and lush choirs, orchestral arrangements, electronic sounds and much more. The album was financed by fans in an online crowdfunding campaign. Good Morning Dystopia recieved many favourable reviews, click on the link to read them.

REVIEWS PRINT Prog Résiste #77 with Interview (08/2014) Amplified #135 (06/2014) Eclipsed #159 (04/2014) Empire #104 (1/2014) Rock Hard #317 (10/2013)

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